How does one go about deciding on the right puppy?

Do you want to know which dog breed will fit in with your family and lifestyle? Or what the good points and bad points of every breed are? Do you want to find out whether the bundle of fluff you go out and eagerly purchase for your adoring family is going to become a burden or a joy? Or do you wish to find out exactly what you should be on the lookout for before deciding on a specific breed? How about a place where you read up on different breeds and are able to contact a reputable breeder with proven credentials before deciding on the puppy that will fit in with all your individual, specific pre-selected criteria?

Puppies4all comes to the rescue! We discuss each dog breed concisely and clearly. No holds are barred as all the negative as well as positive aspects of each breed are looked at without pulling the punches. Our aim is to give you all the pertinent information with regards to all breeds while at the same time giving you the lowdown on their particular habits and lifestyle needs. We are geared towards finding you the perfect fit for you and your family.


Some dogs prefer a more sedentary lifestyle while others prefer one that is more active. You get breeds that are excellent with children and others that prefer to spend their lives as lapdogs, adored by their owners and basking in the worship that is so rightfully theirs!

We believe that in order to understand your dog, you need to know its origins, as its history can tell you why they were bred and their purpose in life.

By giving you well-researched, informative information with regards to characteristics and temperament, you may find it easier to decide on the perfect pet for you. Different breeds have different requirements, ranging from their diet, type of training, growth and health needs. No two dog breeds are the same. Just because the look of a certain puppy appeals to you does not mean it is a pet that fulfills your requirements!

You may be looking for a companion dog, or perhaps a guard dog. How about a combination of the two? Just because your neighbor has a certain kind of dog does not necessarily mean it is your own particular perfect fit.


Different breeds also have different grooming needs. Do you have the time or the inclination to have to groom your new puppy regularly, or are you on the lookout for a “wash and wear” pet with few grooming needs? puppies4all addresses those grooming issues, as well.


Possible health issues are another consideration. Certain breeds are more susceptible to medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, for example. For some people, the possible health issues a dog could possibly face is a major consideration. To this end, we give sound advice on what to be on the look-out for before deciding on your puppy. There are some unscrupulous breeders who do not have the best interests of the breed at heart, as well as many puppy mills out there, so you need to be extremely careful in this regard.

Breeders who propose their puppies on this site are people in long standing in the breeding community. They take care with their pairings, and always strive to produce puppies of excellent quality. We do not support puppy mills.

Make the right choise

Picking a new puppy is much like picking a new member of a family, whether it is a dog you want to grow up with your children or a four-footed pal that can go jogging with you. Whatever your particular need, we strive to give you sound, solid, well-researched information that covers all the bases.

With love and respect

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