best dog grooming brushes

Most pet owners want to provide their dog with the best diet, the best bed, the best place to play, and the best grooming accessories available.

We have gathered for you the best 12 grooming brushes for dog owners!

These are to make grooming easier both on the dog and the owner.

All are 5-star products at affordable prices.

Brushes for during bathing

These first two are for use in the bath.

The silicone bristles are easy on the dog’s skin.

While providing a deep massaging clean for the skin they also remove loose hair.

If you have a dog that will fit in a scrub sink or bath tub, then remember to use a screen in the drain to catch the loose hair so it does not clog up your pipes.

Pet Paws Print

The pet paws print massage bath brush is great for use in the shower or tub.

It works with long hair or short and is comfortable to your dog to help detangle as well as aid any matting problems during bath time without ripping or pulling the dog’s hair.

Your dog will love the light massage he or she receives while getting their bath, it just makes bath time enjoyable for your dog.

Dog Soft Silicone Bristles

The massage to the skin while bathing also promotes circulation which is good for the skin and ever so enjoyable to your dog.

Another bath brush is the Dog Soft Silicone Bristles/Comb Pet Massage Bath Brush


The third option here for bathing as well as dry hair is by Pixikko. You can use it in the bath while you are bathing your dog or you can use it on dry hair in between baths as well. Used only for short haired pets is their only drawback. If you have a dog with long hair such as a setter this is not the brush you want. Nevertheless, it is a 5-star rated product that is under $10.00.
The first two of these are 5-star products and affordable at under $5.00! Both will bring countless joy to your pet and make bathing your pet easier on you.

Brushes for dry or wet brushing

Some of the best brushes for dry or wet brushing of your dog are;

  • OmegaPet Professional Grooming Deshedding Tool has an easy clean button, works on lengths of coats or hair with adjustable bristles, and ergonomically designed makes it easier for you. Designed by professional groomers so you know it will not only be easy for you but will also make grooming easier on your pet. Many Amazon customers give it a 5-star review.
  • K9KONNECTION 2 in 1 Bristle and Pin Grooming Brush for Dogs & Cats is great for removing shedding, tangles, and matted hair. It can even get down to the undercoat and remove dead hair. The soft side will brush the top coat to a shiny glow while the pin side will safely get to the undercoat. No sharp edges make it safe for you and your pet.
  • Nomad Dog Rake will give your dog a gentle and safe brushing with the two rows of pins. This rake has a scientific design to promote healthy skin and a shiny top coat. That design also allows for air to get the skin on your pet promoting good healthy hair follicles and a release of good oils.
  • Action Pets offers a durable and gentle brush that is comfortable on the skin, especially for those pets with sensitive skin.  It works on all hair lengths that remove shedding hair, tangles, and mats. Also, it massages the pet improving circulation.
  • ActiveVet Pro provides a flexible head that gently slides through the toughest mats without snagging, pulling, or ripping hair loose. Most owners want to provide their dog with an enjoyable brushing; instead of one that pulls and hurts.
  • Xcellent Global makes a dog slicker brush with self-cleaning bristles making it easier for pet owners to brush their dog and deal with the loose hair. The bristles retract in order for the pet owner to discard the loose hair in a trash bag and quickly continue the brushing. Like many others listed here, it also provides a light massage to the dog’s skin providing for better circulation.
  • TopVac offers two different brushes for different types of dog hair that will work with a home vacuum. This will be great if your dog is not afraid of the vacuum. It also makes clean up a breeze since the vacuum takes care of all the loose hair.

Any one of these brushes is a great choice when it comes to giving your dog a happy and enjoyable brushing.

Each one is affordable and is quality made that will last for years to come.

All of the brushes in this section are on the list for their durability just as the ones in the previous section. Additionally, the ability to use on both wet and dry hair and their 5-star rating make them unique. Each one will provide your pet an enjoyable experience while stimulating their skin for better circulation. That promotes healthy skin and coat, as well!

Glove brushes

We have chosen two glove brushes one which you see advertised on television all the time.

  • Soft Touch is extremely easy to use; just put it on like you would a normal glove and then simply brush your dog. The silicone fingers will massage the dog while you remove the dead and shedding hair.
  • Projoy while similar to soft touch this glove provides metal pins instead of silicone fingers. You slide your hand in, fasten the Velcro strap, and then simply brush your dog. You can use the other side for bathing your pet. With the Velcro straps, it fits most sizes.

In Closing

Each brush has a 5-star rating on amazon, made for durability, and works for a wide range of dogs.

If you bathe your dog yourself, you may want to check into the brushes for bathing. Nevertheless, make sure you use a screen in the drain so the loose hair does not clog your pipes.

Any one of these brushes will last you for years to come. We urge you to provide your dog with a happy and comfortable brushing! He will love you even more!