best dog grooming shears

When grooming your dog at home, especially for trimming hair; it is important to start with quality shears.

We have put together the top 10 shears for trimming dog hair to help you find the best pair possible.

What areas need trimming?

Depending on the type of dog you own, there will be different areas that need trimming.

You may be trimming some near the ears and head; some may be along the belly and tail, while still others may require the hair between the pads on their feet clipped.

You may also be trimming the body.

Each area may need trimming with different types of shears.

How to trim your dog’s hair

Trimming your dog’s hair takes time and patience.

The earlier you start training your dog for trimming the better the pet will hold still during trimming.

A Still dog provides a safer and better-looking trim.

Trim the face and ear area

For trimming the face and ear area you should use shears (scissors) that are not over 7 inches long.

Be very careful around the eyes and ears when trimming the hair here.

Thinning scissors around the face, ears, and mouth area of your pet will give a more finished and natural look.

Trim the paws

When trimming the paw area, you should use scissors that are 3 to 4 inches.

Your dog should be lying down and calm.

Gently hold the paw and trim the hair between the pads as well as the V-area between the back pad and toes.

Once trimming is finished, the hair between the pads should be even with the pad or slightly shorter than the pad.

However, if you trim shorter than the pads be extremely careful not to cut the pads.

If your dog becomes anxious and starts squirming take a break to just pet the dog while speaking softly to your pet.

After you have the dog calm, give the command to lie down and stay, then move on to the paws you have not trimmed yet.

Trim the tail and behind area

If you own a breed of dog with longer hair the tail and behind area will need trimming regularly in order to keep the dog clean and looking neat.

The hair on the tail grows quickly, the best way to trim it is to brush or comb the tail and then trim only the hair that is longer than the rest of the hair on the dog’s body or tail.

Also, you will want to trim the hind legs and tail around the anal area to help keep the dog clean when he or she has a bowel movement.

Clippers and a comb are better suited to the anal area, so long as the dog is not scared of the noise of the clippers.

Trimming the entire body

This is where clippers are best suited to provide a neat finished look.

Always start at the front of the body, behind the neck.

When trimming the body with clippers; clip with the grain of the hair (the way in which the fur grows).

You will only need to trim the entire boy if you have certain breeds or your dog has thick fur.

Thinning the thick hair or trimming the body, it is up to you; clippers or trimming scissors.

Scissors take longer but they do provide a more polished look when only thinning the hair.

The top shears for the job

Each of these is chosen for quality and durability, as well as, having a 4 -5 out of 5 stars in customer ratings.

They are broken down into 3 categories; each one for a different area of trimming.


The top 5 shears are;

  • Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit offers 2 pairs of scissors. One pair for the body, one pair to use for the face, ears, and paws with rounded tips to help keep your pet safe. Comfort grip handles and stainless steel blades, these scissors will last for years. A 2-year warranty and affordable price along with 5 out of 5 stars make these scissors one of our top 5.
  • Anvil stainless steel thinning shears durable and quality shears made to last. 7 and a half inches designed to provide smooth cutting and thinning of hair to give a neat clean look. These receive 5 out of 5 stars and also have an affordable price.
  • Purple Dagon 8 inch thinning shears with a case; sell at a low price which will last for years. Dependable and durable these thinning shears will give an even finished look for your pet’s hair. They are rated 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Lazzar 7.5 inch straight grooming shears provide you with a quality smooth cut at a price that is easy on the pocketbook. Lazzar received 5 out of 5 stars in rating.
  • Purple Dragon 8 inch professional shear set with case, are well balanced to keep your hands and fingers from becoming tired quickly. Your pet will have a professional and smart look after trimming; these are 5 out of 5 in ratings. Affordably priced and lost lasting makes then one of the top 5 in our list.

Clipping kits

  • Tinymax Professional Rechargeable Trimming Clippers Kit is the ultimate grooming kit. It has stainless steel and ceramic blades. With a full charge will run 60 to 90 minutes and is much quieter than any other clippers to cut down on the anxiety of your dog. It has everything you need from guide combs to nail clippers, scissors, comb, and cleaning brush for the clipper. At an extremely afford price, this is a 5 out of 5 stars and is number 1 in our list for clipping kits.
  • Daisen tech offers a professional rechargeable cordless clipper kit that provides ultra-quiet and low vibration to keep your pet at ease. You also receive a comb, scissors, 4 comb guides for trimming your dog, and a brush to clean the clippers. It is affordable for any budget and has a 4 out of 5 stars for the rating.
  • Maxshop Electric Clippers Grooming Trimming Kit has everything you need to trim your dog at home. This kit provides you with a very quiet, cordless rechargeable clipper, comb, scissors, and guide combs for trimming your dog with the clippers.  Customers gave this kit 4.5 out of 5 stars in ratings.
  • Bojafa Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers Kit provides an affordable price, quiet trimming, and an extra battery. Included are all the essentials you need from clippers to guide combs and a pair of scissors to give your dog a professional, efficient trim at home.  Another 4.5 out of 5 stars customer rating puts this kit on our list.


  • Colpet pet clipper is the 10th and final clipper on our list. It also is a 5 out of 5 stars in rating by customers. You will get a waterproof clipper that runs 60 minutes per charge, ceramic blades, and low noise, low vibrations for your pet’s comfort. This is very affordable, and the perfect trimmer if you just need clippers.


Each shear or kit on the list is quality and durable at very affordable prices that will give your dog a clean neat look.

Some of the kits have all the accessories you need for a professional trim right at home.

If you are going to trim your dog at home, you need to start out with quality shears. If you want to maintain a professional clean look for your dog, that is.

Each one that made our list is 4 to 5 stars rated by customers.

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