best organic dog treats

Are you trying to find the best organic dog treats for your pet?

What we feed our dogs is important, just as what we feed ourselves and our families.

We have put together a list of the top 14 organic dog treats you can purchase, each based on customer reviews, ingredients, quality, and price.

All of the treats listed below have a 5-star review by customers.

One ingredient treats

These first three are one ingredient treats

  • Pure Paw Pure Cod Skin dog treats from the organic habitat of Iceland. Vets recommend the pure cod skin treats to aid healthy weight management because they are rich in protein. Also containing no sugars, grains, or carbs, leave 84% protein promoting fullness longer helps your dog feel satisfied. Also if you scroll down the page you will find available discounts.
  • Green Butterfly Brands offers premium salmon dog treats made right in the USA. These treats are freeze-dried human grade salmon, with no additives or preservatives. These treats are full of Omega 3 fatty acids that aid in a healthy brain, joint and immune system, as well as maintaining a shiny coat and healthy skin. This brand uses a portion of sales to help train service dogs for our military veterans as well.
  • Brutus & Barnaby have a 100% all natural pig ear available. This treat is easily digestible and has no chemicals, hormones, or added colors.  These treats are also bone free so you do not have to worry about splintering.

More than one ingredient organic treats

This section will list organic treats that have more than one ingredient, starting with the ones that list meat first.

  • Castor and Pollux offer up a natural peanut butter flavor treat made with real chicken, barley, peas, brown rice, and oats. These treats work great for all breeds.
  • Full Moon Chicken Nuggets provides 100% human-grade treats for your pet. Made from farm raised, cage free USA chickens. These treats are grain free, NO artificial preservatives, or flavors, each a soft chewy bite sized treat. There are also coupon savings when you scroll down the page. Made with chicken, evaporated cane syrup, sea salt, vinegar, natural smoke flavor, and oregano extracts.
  • Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats made from cage free chicken and apple in the USA.
  • Newman’s Own Peanut butter treats that contain chicken, barley flour, carrots, apples, flax seed. Never contain wheat, corn, or soy products and come in medium and small sizes.
  • Rocco & Roxie Jerky Dog Treats are from a secret family recipe that uses all-American turkey or beef, rice, and seasonings. They contain no wheat, soy, corn, or gluten so if your dog has digestive issues or allergies to those products he or she can enjoy these treats.

Treats that do not contain meat as a first ingredient

The treats in this list do not contain any meat or meat is not the first ingredient.

  • Pet Science Secret offers crunchy dog treats that are full of antioxidants made from apple juice, flour from garbanzo beans, natural beef flavor, eggs, potato flakes, cheddar cheese, flaxseed, and vitamin E oil.  At just 10 calories per treat, you can help maintain a healthy weight for your dog while not depriving him or her of their treats.
  • Bandit’s Biscuits provides dog treats that contain flour from garbanzo beans, applesauce, eggs, flax seed oil, and other natural flavors. Made in the USA, your pet will love these treats.

Puppies and small breed treats

The first on this list is a 5-star customer review, after that they are 4.5 or 4-star reviews all for small breeds or puppies.

  • Riley’s Organics offers a human grade sweet potato treat that is legitimate USDA Organic. These treats do not contain any preservatives, sugar, salt, artificial colors or flavors, wheat, corn, or soy. (5-star customer review)
  • BK Pets provide a gift box that contains; peanut butter cookies, bully stick, beef hoof, knee cap, and pigs ears as well as some other treats that are good for teeth.
  • Wellness has a puppy treat training aid. It is real premium chicken, no meat by-products, corn, wheat, dairy or any artificial colors and flavors. You can be sure that you providing a healthy nutritious snack/training aid to your little friend.
  • Wellness CORE makes jerky bites from; beef, turkey, venison, chicken, and lamb in several flavors. These contain no wheat, artificial colors, or flavors.

Tips on feeding treats

As a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure your pet stays healthy. This includes watching their weight.

Like humans, dogs that are overweight are more likely to have health issues like diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, and other health issues that relate to weight.

It is important that you feed treats that are low in calories and provide good nutrition.

Here are a few tips to follow that will help you keep your pet at a healthy weight.

You need to use treats sparingly, in order to keep weight at a healthy and safe weight.

  • Always choose by ingredients; real meat, poultry, or fish should be the first ingredient when choosing a meat flavored treat.
  • Do not over feed treats to the dog.
  • Make sure the dog gets exercise to help maintain weight.
  • Use treats mainly as training aids and later to provide a little variety in the diet; this means once they behavior is learned you only provide treats no more than 3 times a day.
  • Provide fresh water morning and afternoon. Even if you leave the water bowl down and there is still water in it come afternoon, dump the water and rinse the bowl, then replace with fresh water. Dogs like humans require an adequate water supply.


You can use the treats listed above to provide your dog with healthy nutritious treats two or three times a day without causing excessive weight gain.

Show them you love them with treats that are good for them in moderate amounts and make sure that they get the exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight.

Remember good nutrition keeps health issues from popping up and allows your dog to live a happy healthy life.