best yorkshire terrier grooming styles

We have all seen those cute little Yorkshire Terriers and thought how sweet. No? What about this cutie? No worries we have gathered all best Yorkshire Terrier grooming styles with pictures for you to enjoy and take ideas!

yorkie puppy

Are you wondering about grooming styles for Yorkshire terrier?

Whether you just brought home a Yorkie or have had one for some time we have some of the best grooming styles for your little friend.

Yorkie grooming

Proper grooming for your Yorkie entails the following;

  • Bathes – bathes every 3 weeks unless there is some reason to bath more or less.
  • Combing and brushing – this is done both before and after baths.
  • Nail clipping
  • Styling long hair on the forehead
  • Wipe around the eyes daily

You must choose shampoo wisely; the Yorkie has very sensitive skin. If you do not choose the right shampoo you can dry out the skin.

Grooming styles

There are several grooming styles for Yorkshires. We have a few of the top styles for you here;

  • Schnauzer Cut

yorkie schanuzer cutThis particular cut is done by cutting the black from the face and legs. Then, to complete you trim the hair in any style that is desirable. The finished look is cute.

  • Westie Cut
    yorkie westie cut
    In this cut, you trim the entire body but the face length is left. You will achieve a very charming look with this style, especially when adding in a sweater.
  • Flared Cut

yorkie flared cutThe body is a close shave; the hair on the legs from about mid-leg down stays long, and the hair on the head left long and allowed to fall around the ears. What a very fashionable style this is and you can add to it with accessories such as bows and bandannas.

  • Show Trim

    yorkie show trimThis is the official cut for the AKC and sponsored shows and events.  If you plan to show your Yorkie, this is the style your Yorkie needs.
  • Puppy Cut

    yorkie puppy cutThe puppy cut is the most famous cut, especially for young pups. Cut hair is the same length all over; that length is at the discretion of the owner. It is an extremely cute look! This is by far the easiest to take care of for those who do not wish to have their Yorkie in shows.
  • Squared Puppy Cut

yorkie squared puppy cutThis on is based on the puppy cut, the hair on the body and legs is short, and the face hair cut into a square bob. How could you possibly tell this cutie no? Such a sweet style.

Creative cuts

Then, of course, you have the creative cuts which professionals usually perform.

yorkie creative cut 1

These are more modern and stylish looks that are often limited only by imagination and accessories used.

yorkie creative cut 2
Granted not all these cuts or styles are everyone’s cup of tea.

yorkie creative cut 3

However, this shows there is no limit to what type of style or cut you can have with Yorkie.

yorkie creative cut 4

The last one is a fairytale Yorkie lady!

Just kidding! But you can always make your dog famous here if you think you have a great haircut too!

Grooming tips

Here are a few tips when it comes to grooming that can help you make sure your Yorkie stays healthy.

  • Always check the ears. Look for discharge, odor, dirt, wax, or hair; if there is discharge or odor make a vet appointment to check for infection. Remove any hair with forceps
  • Trimming and clipping once a month places like the between the pad, also the ears trim away excess to emphasize their upright ears
  • Toenails; you need to regularly clip the toenails. Yorkie nails are black so clipping could be stressful, but you can also use a dremel to do the nails. If you use a dremel, remember to start off slowly and allow the dog to become used to the dremel noise and feel.
  • The proper shampoo is a requirement for bathing. If you use a shampoo that is too harsh it will dry out the skin of your Yorkie. Continually use dog shampoo and unless there is a reason your Yorkie does not need bathing more than once every three weeks. Be careful around the eyes not to get shampoo in them. Also, pay attention to the ears you really want to keep the water out of the ears to protect against ear infection.

Tips for picking a good groomer

For those who take their Yorkie to a groomer instead of grooming the dog at home here are some tips to help you find the right groomer.

  • Check out the groomer’s space; make sure that it is safe and clean.
  • Ask questions about drying. Do they air dry or use blowers? If they use blowers what type of blowers do they use?
  • Request a list of clients you can call and speak to. Ask how their experience has been with the groomer.
  • Find out what type of shampoo they will be using.
  • Inquire about pictures of other Yorkshires they have groomed.
  • Invite your vet to give a recommendation
  • Probe to make sure they require that dogs they groom are current on vaccinations such as rabies and kennel cough.
  • Enquire about their license if it is not where you can see it.

Remember your dog is not the only dog they have in their salon.

You need to make sure that the salon is clean and sanitary.

Another thing to pay attention to; is how the groomer(s) treat the animals.

Choosing a dog groomer is much like finding the right person to cut your hair. You do not just go to anyone, you find someone who has a reputation in the business as being good at what they do.


Yorkshire temperament and grooming

The Yorkie is lively and quick to learn. They can also be opinionated and willful.

This dog breed loves to cuddle and lay in your lap which is a great time to comb and brush the dog.

It is a breed that loves pampering.

If the groomer treats the Yorkie in a way that shows it pampering there should be no problem with grooming; however, the Yorkie has a shrill bark and uses it often.

In a grooming salon, the Yorkie could be very vocal barking at the other dogs; even larger dogs as well as people coming in and out.

That barking could cause an issue as it will get the rest of the dogs barking as well.

All in all the Yorkie is a great pet for families who do not have younger children who rough-house.

In Conclusion

There are many adorable grooming styles for the Yorkshire terriers.

Adding grooming style accessories such as bows, bandannas, and clothing makes them even more fashionable and cute.

You are limited in grooming styles only by imagination.

The main thing to remember is to choose the right groomer to start with, then choose the style that you have time to maintain.

Remember you have to comb and brush the dog to keep the hair and fur from matting; which is easier with certain grooming styles than others. If you are unsure ask the groomer you use which is the easiest to take care of.

Before you go groom your little cutie, have a quick look at this informative video: