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theKeeshond AFFABLE, ANIMATED, AGILEHistory & Origin Keeshonden belong to the Spitz group of dogs. Their exact origin is unknown, although the 18th century saw them as watchdogs and companion dogs in the Netherlands.They were named after Cornelius de Gyzelaar whose nickname was Kees. He was a patriot who revolted against the Dutch House of Orange shortly before the French Revolution. A...

Shetland Sheepdog

theShetland Sheepdog VIBRANT, VIGOROUS, VIVIDHistory & Origin A relatively young breed, the Shetland Sheepdog hails from the Shetland Islands. Due to the climate and other factors, animals there are small yet hardy, as they are bred for survival in a difficult climate. Similarly, the dogs native of the islands were also small in size.General consensus has it the small, native dogs...

Tibetan Terrier

theTibetan Terrier DELICATE, DEVOTED, WARMHEARTEDHistory & Origin As the name suggests, this dog breed comes from Tibet and it is one of the oldest in the world. Tibetan Terriers were purebred for centuries and perhaps even up to 2000 years. Buddhist monks kept them as companions. This is how they came by the name Holy Dog or Holy Dog of Tibet.The monks...

Great Pyrenees

theGreat Pyrenees AGILE, GENTLE, WELL-MANNEREDHistory & Origin The Great Pyrenees is said to originate in Central Asia or Siberia about ten or eleven thousand years ago. This elegant, majestic, strong-willed and somewhat reserved breed has a long history as a guard dog of sheep and cattle along with Shepherds. It is thought that these large white dogs arrived in the Pyrenees...

Norwich Terrier

theNorwich Terrier CUTE, CURIOUS, CURLYHistory & Origin The Norwich Terrier comes from the northeastern part of the United Kingdom in East Anglia.Breeders crossbred various terriers and various theories exist about which breeds were used. Some of these include the small Irish Terrier and a bigger Yorkshire Terrier. So there is lots of terrier blood in the Norwich Terrier!There was no formal...

Norwegian Elkhound

theNorwegian Elkhound ENDURING, FRIENDLY, GORGEOUSHistory & Origin An extremely old dog breed, the Norwegian Elkhound’s history goes back for more than five thousand years.The first dogs of this type were the Torvmosehund, i.e. peat or swamp dogs. Their remains have been found in the peat bogs of both Denmark and the southern parts of Sweden. It is believed Gypsies used these...

Fox Terrier (Wire and Smooth)

theFox Terrier ALERT, ACTIVE, ADORABLEHistory & Origin The Fox Terrier has been around for some time. Their popularity saw them become the favorite of both royalty and the common man.Most terriers developed in the United Kingdom. The Wirehaired Fox Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier are no exceptions.Smooth Coated Fox TerriersThese two dog breeds have different origins. The Smooth Fox Terrier developed in...


theBasenji INDEPENDENT, INTELLIGENT, INVENTIVEHistory & Origin The Basenji or Basenjis are also known as the barkless dogs. They are one of the oldest breeds of canine that is officially documented. Interestingly, cave paintings that appeared in Libyan caves have Basenji like dogs even though they date back to as early as 6000 BC. These inquisitive canines can be easily identified in the...

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

theGreater Swiss Mountain Dog LOFTY, LOVABLE, LOYALHistory & Origin The Greater Swiss Mountain dog is probably one of the oldest of the Swiss dog breeds. Popular belief has it they are one of the oldest offshoots of mating between local Swiss and Roman dogs in Roman times.They are ‘sennenhund’. The sennenhund includes breeds such as the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Appenzeller,...

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

theSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier BOLD, BONNY, BOUNCYHistory & Origin The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier takes its name from its lovely, golden coat. Bred in Ireland, these dogs are also called the Wheaten Terrier, Wheaten or Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers share some history with the Irish Terrier and the Kerry Blue, both typical Irish dog breeds. It is a...