Belgian Malinois

the Belgian Malinois HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, STRONG, PROTECTIVE History & Origin The Belgian Malinois' history is not as long as a number of other dog breeds, although this dog is by no means lacking in any way with regards to temperament, skills, or work ethics. As the name indicates, it originates in Belgium and is derived from a number of different Belgian sheepdogs. Although initially...

Norwich Terrier

the Norwich Terrier CUTE, CURIOUS, CURLY History & Origin The Norwich Terrier comes from the northeastern part of the United Kingdom in East Anglia. Breeders crossbred various terriers and various theories exist about which breeds were used. Some of these include the small Irish Terrier and a bigger Yorkshire Terrier. So there is lots of terrier blood in the Norwich Terrier! There was no formal...

Bernese Mountain Dog

the Bernese Mountain Dog ARISTOCRATIC, HARD-WORKING, ROBUST History & Origin As a breed, the Bernese has quite a long history, stemming from Roman Mastiffs that went to Switzerland during the Roman occupation of about two thousand years ago. The original Roman dogs were used to drive herds as well as guard them. The original Mastiffs, during this time, bred with local Swiss dogs, which...

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

the Cardigan Welsh Corgi SWEET, FUNNY, LOYAL History & Origin The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a long history and is one of the first dog breeds brought to Britain by the Celts over three thousand years ago, most particularly to Cardigan in the South of Wales, from where the breed’s name originates. The forefathers of the breed were thought to be a combination...

Cairn Terrier

the Cairn Terrier BUSY, BOSSY, BOLD History & Origin The Cairn Terrier is an incredibly old dog breed originating from the Scottish Highlands. They are descendent from the original, indigenous working dogs of the area. Their original purpose was pest control. Shepherds, crofters, and hunters used them to get rid of foxes, rabbits, and rats. When hunting gained in popularity, the terriers hunted badgers...


the Papillon SMART, ADORABLE, VIVID History & Origin The Papillons are a breed of dog from the Spaniel family and for that reason, they are often called the Continental Toy Spaniel as well. They are one of the oldest of the toy spaniels and the name Papillon is derived from the dog’s butterfly-like looks. In fact, the word Papillon in French is for...


the Whippet FAST, FURIOUS, FERRARI History & Origin The Whippet (also called the Snap Dog or English Whippet) is a sleek, athletic and beautifully statuesque sighthound breed that looks similar to a smaller greyhound. Originally bred in England, Whippets are descendants of Greyhounds and prone to fewer health issues as compared to other dogs. Although not a watchdog, their keen eyesight makes them ideal...

Yorkshire Terrier

the Yorkshire Terrier CLEVER, HYPOALLERGENIC, LAP DOG History & Origin The Yorkshire Terrier, which gets its name from the part of the United Kingdom in which it originated, is one of the smallest breeds of dog in the world, although their attitude is that of a dog much larger in size. They may be small, but they have a huge heart! They were...

Silky Terrier

the Silky Terrier ALERT, FRIENDLY, VIVID History & Origin The Silky Terrier is easily confused with the Yorkshire Terrier. The breeds look very similar. The Silky Terrier is actually larger and more robust. The Silky Terrier was originally bred in Australia the beginning of the 20th century. This explains why the dog breed is also known as the Australian Silky Terrier. Other names...


the Keeshond AFFABLE, ANIMATED, AGILE History & Origin Keeshonden belong to the Spitz group of dogs. Their exact origin is unknown, although the 18th century saw them as watchdogs and companion dogs in the Netherlands. They were named after Cornelius de Gyzelaar whose nickname was Kees. He was a patriot who revolted against the Dutch House of Orange shortly before the French Revolution. A...