the Dachshund PROUD, CHARMING, STUBBORN History & Origin The Dachshund was bred in Germany to be a hunting dog. Their name, Dachshund, means ‘badger dog’. They were used to hunt wild boar while their small size made them ideal for climbing into badger dens. It is believed that their ancestry includes smaller mutations of other hunting dogs like the Bibarhund and the Schweisshund or bloodhound....

Rhodesian Ridgeback

the Rhodesian Ridgeback DURABLE, MUSCULAR, PROTECTIVE History & Origin The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a uniquely Southern African breed with its origins lost in the mists of time. What is known is that, when the first European Settlers set foot on Southern African soil, they had brought their dogs with them. These dogs, however, had a tough time adjusting to the harsh African climate and...

West Highland White Terrier

the West Highland White Terrier BOLD, DETERMINED, TENACIOUS History & Origin The origins of the West Highland White Terrier are mixed in with that of other terriers found in Scotland. At the time, all these small terriers were considered one breed, albeit one with a lot of diversity. There are a number of different versions as to how the West Highland White Terrier came into...

Labrador Retriever

the Labrador Retriever LOVABLE, INTELLIGENT, FRISKY History & Origin The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds out there. When you see the name, you might think that it comes from Labrador, Canada, but this is not so. It has its origins in Newfoundland and got that name by default. Although the breed is officially a Sporting dog, it is so much more!...

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

the Anatolian Shepherd Dog INDEPENDENT, LOYAL, PROTECTIVE History & Origin The Anatolian Shepherd is one of the most majestic canine breeds in the service of mankind. It comes from the Himalayas and is known for Guardianship behavior. When the Turks migrated to the place what is now known as Turkey, this breed was made to live in constant association with the sheep and...

Flat & Curly Coated Retriever

the Flat & Curly Coated Retriever CONFIDENT, CONVENIENT, CHEERFUL History & Origin Both the Curly and Flat-coated Retrievers are part of the general Retriever dog breed. Retrievers are specially bred to retrieve dead game without causing harm. Selective breeding resulted in gentle, docile dogs that were great with people. Before the advent of motorized transport, it was easy for breeds to develop in different...

Shiba Inu

the Shiba Inu FOXY, INDEPENDENT, SMART History & Origin Shiba Inu (pronounced SHEE-bah-EE-noo) is one of the oldest and smallest breeds of the dogs originating in Japan. Although Shiba Inus are traced back to 300 B.C, it was in 1920 that they were properly given this name. The origin of the name of this breed, Shiba Inu, has some theories. The word “Inu” means...

American Staffordshire Terrier

the American Staffordshire Terrier ACTIVE, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, STRONG-MINDED History & Origin There are two schools of thought as to the origin of the American Staffordshire Terrier, or Am Staff, as it is also affectionately called. The first would have it that the breed originated in Britain by breeding Bulldogs with terriers, as breeders were looking for a dog that had the strength and...


the Bullmastiff GALLANT, GENTLE, GIANT History & Origin The Bullmastiff, also known as the Gamekeeper’s dog, is a purebred dog from the 19th century that has been a loved and loyal protector for more than 2 centuries and continues to protect households across the world. If you are planning to keep one as a pet, you are definitely on the right track. The gamekeepers who...

Irish Wolfhound

the Irish Wolfhound GRATEFUL, GENTLE, GIANT History & Origin The Irish wolfhound, also known as the Great Hound of Ireland, is an old breed of canines that has seen more of the different eras of human history than we could imagine. His sturdy, large-sized stature and unwavering survival instincts have enabled the breed to outlive its first owners, which were usually royalty, and of...