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Fox Terrier (Wire and Smooth)

the Fox Terrier ALERT, ACTIVE, ADORABLE History & Origin The Fox Terrier has been around for some time. Their popularity saw them become the favorite of both royalty and the common man. Most terriers developed in the United Kingdom. The Wirehaired Fox Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier are no exceptions. Smooth Coated Fox Terriers These two dog breeds have different origins. The Smooth Fox Terrier developed in...

Great Dane

the Great Dane MAJESTIC, CALM, AFFECTIONATE History & Origin Despite popular belief, this noble dog was not originally bred to be an over-sized house pet. Neither is it a native of Denmark, despite its name. Great Danes were ferocious and formidable hunters that were specifically bred to hunt wild boar, from where it got its original name of boarhound. It is believed that the forebears...


the Mastiff GORGEOUS, GENTLE, GIANT History & Origin The Mastiff of today has a long and varied history, spanning thousands of years. The first evidence of their existence can be traced back to 2 500 BC where they were used for hunting lions. Besides being leaner than modern-day mastiffs, their general build and look have not really changed much. Mastiffs were brought to Great Britain...

Japanese Chin

the Japanese Chin AFFECTIONATE, DIGNIFIED, ROYAL History & Origin The Japanese Chin, also referred to as the Japanese Spaniel, as with many oriental breeds, has a very long history. They are not believed to have originated in Japan, however, and there are a number of variations about how they landed on Japanese shores. Common belief would suggest they originated in China and are closely...

American Staffordshire Terrier

the American Staffordshire Terrier ACTIVE, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, STRONG-MINDED History & Origin There are two schools of thought as to the origin of the American Staffordshire Terrier, or Am Staff, as it is also affectionately called. The first would have it that the breed originated in Britain by breeding Bulldogs with terriers, as breeders were looking for a dog that had the strength and...

Miniature Pinscher

the Miniature Pinscher ATHLETIC, PLAYFUL, FEARLESS History & Origin The little but tenacious breed of Miniature Pinscher, also known as Min Pin, is said to be the King of Toys due to their delicate and small structure. It may look like the Doberman Pinscher as it has an uncanny resemblance to them but these small, tough guys actually came a hundred years before the...


the Weimaraner ELEGANT, REGAL, STRIKING History & Origin The history of the Weimaraner breed can be taken back to France where their ancestors, commonly called the ‘gray hounds of King Louis’, were used to hunt large game. After the invention of guns, however, during the 18th century, these hounds were crossed with other breeds and a dog that was lighter and with a...

Irish Wolfhound

the Irish Wolfhound GRATEFUL, GENTLE, GIANT History & Origin The Irish wolfhound, also known as the Great Hound of Ireland, is an old breed of canines that has seen more of the different eras of human history than we could imagine. His sturdy, large-sized stature and unwavering survival instincts have enabled the breed to outlive its first owners, which were usually royalty, and of...

Neapolitan Mastiff

neapolitan mastiff puppies for sale
the Neapolitan Mastiff MAGNIFICENT, MAJESTIC, MUSCULAR History & Origin The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Some believe it is centuries old. It goes all the way back to Alexander the Great in 300 B.C! In those times, the ancient relatives of the Neapolitan Mastiffs guarded homes and animals. There is evidence that they fought bulls, bears, and elephants....


the Basenji INDEPENDENT, INTELLIGENT, INVENTIVE History & Origin The Basenji or Basenjis are also known as the barkless dogs. They are one of the oldest breeds of canine that is officially documented. Interestingly, cave paintings that appeared in Libyan caves have Basenji like dogs even though they date back to as early as 6000 BC. These inquisitive canines can be easily identified in the...