the Beagle FUNNY, AFFECTIONATE, HAPPY History & Origin The history of this breed of hound has its roots in ancient times, with the first mention of its ancestor going as far back as the 5th century. The term ‘Beagle’ was first coined during medieval times. These dogs were tiny and were often referred to as pocket dogs or pocket Beagles because their owners could...


the Pointer ATHLETIC, ACTIVE, ADORABLE History & Origin The origins of what, today, we know as Pointers, is steeped in history, and evolved as man’s needs grew towards a dog with stamina, a great nose, but who could be still and ‘point’ towards whatever prey the hunter was on the lookout for. The modern Pointer, it is believed, has its origins in Spain. Apparently, the...


the Maltese GENTLE, ADORABLE, FLUFF BALL History & Origin Although called a Maltese, this breed did not originate in Malta. It is believed that the forerunners of today’s little Maltese actually made their way to Malta from the Middle East, and they were bartered in order to get necessary supplies for explorers. Although they were interbred with other dogs in order to reduce their...

Neapolitan Mastiff

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the Neapolitan Mastiff MAGNIFICENT, MAJESTIC, MUSCULAR History & Origin The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Some believe it is centuries old. It goes all the way back to Alexander the Great in 300 B.C! In those times, the ancient relatives of the Neapolitan Mastiffs guarded homes and animals. There is evidence that they fought bulls, bears, and elephants....

Bichon Frise

the Bichon Frise CURLY, PLAYFUL, GENTLE History & Origin Bichon Frise (pronounced as Beeshawn FREE-say), which is French for small, curly-haired dogs, are soft, white clouds of cuteness that are known for their gentle, playful and human-loving nature. Even the royals could not resist these energy-packed powder puffs! It is said that King Henry III loved his Bichons so much he wore them around...


the Pug CUTE, FRIENDLY, PLAYFUL History & Origin Pugs became the official dog of the House of Orange in 1572 and they were generally popular in the official court. It happened after a pug, called Pompey, alerted the Prince of Orange about approaching assassins and saved his life. The breed made it to the United Kingdom when William III and Mary II took one...

Shiba Inu

the Shiba Inu FOXY, INDEPENDENT, SMART History & Origin Shiba Inu (pronounced SHEE-bah-EE-noo) is one of the oldest and smallest breeds of the dogs originating in Japan. Although Shiba Inus are traced back to 300 B.C, it was in 1920 that they were properly given this name. The origin of the name of this breed, Shiba Inu, has some theories. The word “Inu” means...

Norwich Terrier

the Norwich Terrier CUTE, CURIOUS, CURLY History & Origin The Norwich Terrier comes from the northeastern part of the United Kingdom in East Anglia. Breeders crossbred various terriers and various theories exist about which breeds were used. Some of these include the small Irish Terrier and a bigger Yorkshire Terrier. So there is lots of terrier blood in the Norwich Terrier! There was no formal...

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ALERT, SMART, PLAYFUL History & Origin There are two Corgi variations, one with a tail, called the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and the one without, namely the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both breeds of dog, until 1934, were considered the same breed. There are slight variations, however, which led to the difference in names. Their history, as a whole, is a particularly...


the Vizsla AFFECTIONATE, ACTIVE, ARISTOCRAT History & Origin The cinnamon-colored smooth haired Vizsla is thought to share the bloodline of the Transylvanian hound and the now extinct Turkish Yellow Dog. He’s also known as the Hungarian Pointer which makes sense because the word Vizsla means ‘pointer’ in Hungarian. As with many other dog breeds, there are a few theories about the Vizsla’s origins. One...