holistic dog food

We want to feed our dog a well-balanced nutritious meal. How do we do that?

There are plenty of good foods on the market. But do you know exactly what holistic dog food is?

Is there a standard when it comes to dog food and it being all natural or holistic?

Defining holistic dog food

When it comes to dog food and the word holistic; pet food companies are able to use it in any way they choose as there is no lawful meaning for the expression.

The word holistic means to treat all parts of the body, not just one.

All systems of the body are one system working together. This means you do not just concentrate on the digestive system but the immune system, the cardio system, and the rest of the systems of the body.

Keeping all systems as one, you can achieve optimal health for your dog.

Even dogs with digestive issues or other issues can benefit from a more holistic approach.

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Understanding your dog’s food

There are many brands of dog food on the market. Not all are holistic or even contain things that are good for your dog.

The main thing is to read labels and understand what is in your dog’s food.

The thinking is that you should mix dry and wet food in a half and half mix.

By feeding a half and half mix it provides moisture the dog needs in the diet as well as harder bits in the form of kibbles or chunks to promote healthier stronger teeth.

It also provides different vitamins and minerals the dog needs.

What brands state they are holistic?

So what brands state they are holistic?

Here are the top 4 brands according to ranking.

  1. Canidae this brand has a 5-star rating and is available in both dry and canned formulas. They create it with lamb, salmon, bison, or duck. The dry food contains their HealthPLUS Solutions which contains a mix of probiotics, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids in the form of oil that lead to peak well-being and nourishment.
  2. Evangers is a 4-star brand which they create without stabilizers, simulated flavors, or by-products. Staying away from these things is good for all of us, not just our dogs.
  3. Taste of the Wild has a 3.5-star rating, high-quality standards, and testing. They work hard to meet quality as well as monitor and test the food and their production environment in order to make sure that the food you feed your dog is good food.
  4. Eukanuba has a 3-star rating and covers dogs from puppies through adulthood including seniors and weight management. Also, they pay attention to special breeds providing a vitamin filled mix of chicken-based meals.

In case you need any treats for your pooch, we have made a list for you, as well!

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Making your own dog food

If you would like to make your own dog food there are some recipes available.

You should consult your vet first to find out just what your dog needs as far as nutrition for the breed and the dog’s personal health history.

This recipe comes from a vet. It not only gives you ingredients and measurements but also explains the ingredients, heating, and storage requirements as well.

Also, this site has several good recipes like; beef stew, turkey and rice, pumpkin bones, and more.

Again, a reminder to consult your vet if you are going to make your own dog food to make sure you get the ratios correct for your dog.

Should you feed “people” food to your dog?

There is really nothing wrong with feeding your dog so called people food with the exceptions of pork and the amount of food you feed them.

The nice part with these recipes is you are able to make then ahead. Many you can prepare in a crock pot. Just be sure to follow the guidelines on heating and storage.

How homemade differs from bought dog food

The main difference in preparing your own dog food instead of buying dog food is you actually know what is in the food you are feeding your dog.

You also know that there are no preservatives in it.

With all the scares and recalls on dog food and dog treats, many people have started making sure the food they buy is that production is in the USA.

The problem is there is no regulation on dog food; therefore any brand can say it is all natural or organic when it really is not.

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The pros of homemade

  • Cost is another advantage many of the items you put in your homemade dog food will be far less expensive than a 5-pound or 20-pound bag of excellent quality dog food in the store.
  • Making your own dog food can also save you on supplements when it comes to vitamins and nutrients for the skin, coat, eyes, and other parts of the dog’s body.

The disadvantages

  • The disadvantage of making your own dog food is you need to understand exactly the combination of protein, fat, and carbs your dog actually requires for the breed, weight, health, and age.
  • Another disadvantage is time. Do you have time to make the dog food?
  • Where can you find ingredients such as brewer’s yeast and other important ingredients to make sure the dog is getting all the nutrients it needs.

It is always best to discuss feeding homemade food to the dog with your vet first.

In Conclusion

A healthy nutritious diet is important to dog owners. Just as we need a well-balanced diet so do our dogs.

You just have to remember to read labels and understand what your dog needs are compared to other dogs.

Talking to your vet is an important step in understanding what your dog’s nutritional needs actually are. Those needs should reflect the dog’s age, weight, and stage of life as well as whether the dog has any issues such as allergies.

Whether you choose to make your own food or buy food from a local store for your dog; you have to consider the health of the dog, its nutritional needs, and any possible allergy issues that the dog may have.

Before you go feed your lovely pooch, watch with him this video – see if he likes it :