christmass dog presents

It is that time of year again when shops are filled with gifts and goodies to delight and entice even the Scrooge amongst us. But do not forget about our canine pals. Why should they not also have a little something in their stocking from Santa?

So what would you get your best friend on four legs for Christmas?

1.Something comfortable

First up is a warm dog bed. And why should your dog not be warm and comfy during the winter season? The bed bolster has a machine washable, soft fleece cover and polyester cushion. It comes in various sizes and is fit for all dogs whether large or small. The comfortable rim acts like your dog’s own pillow, allowing him to sleep in style. The bed can be used as is, but easily fits into crates and carriers, depending on size.

2.Travelling for the holidays?

Driving with Fido in the back seat tends to get your seat dirty and scratched, not to mention those oops moments when he gets car sick! This waterproof hammock seat cover is designed to address the problem. With its convenient pockets to store his supplies, the loops and seat anchors that secure the hammock in place takes care of your problem, protecting your seats from any unwanted dog hair, spills, and dirt. Measuring around 55×59 inches, it snugly fits onto the back seat of any family vehicle.

3.A little bling

Dog tags are an essential item for any pet owner as it identifies your pet and has your details attached as well. These stainless steel dog tags allow for engraving on both sides (up to four lines on the front or back) with plenty of room for all your relevant details. They come in different shapes, such as star, bow tie, rectangular, heart, flower, bone, round, and even in the shape of a house. Add to this the long-lasting bling of stainless steel and you have a stylish dog to be proud of.

4.Shed a little light on the subject

Small and compact and weighing in at only .56 oz., this little light easily clips onto your dog’s collar (or your keychain). The durable light has a stainless steel attachment and features a glow and flash mode. Not only is the lithium battery operated light great for lighting the way when out for a walk with your pet at night, but is great for providing light when out camping as well.

Next time you take your best friend for a walk, make it an enlightening experience!

5.Safety first!

When it comes to traveling or even walking, a great, all-purpose safety harness keeps your dog safe. The Sleepypod Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness  does the trick admirably, with the added bonus of a three point contact design allowing it to clip into your safety belt without the need of baby seat latch anchors. But it is not just a safety harness while driving! It doubles as a harness while walking. The design allows for optimal lateral and head movement, while the energy absorbing material in orange serves as a night reflector, allowing for more visibility.

boxer biting ball

6.Give him freedom!

Most dogs only have freedom to roam the length of their leash. Not so with the Tao Tronics Retractable Tangle Free Dog Leash! This leash allows up to 16 feet of freedom and is suitable for all dog sizes (up to 110 lbs). You can now easily walk your dog holding onto the handle made of ABS plastic casing and control his wandering by the click of a button. Plus, once the walk is over, you simply touch a button to retract the leash. This is storage made easy!

7.Chew time!

It is a fact of nature that most dogs enjoy chewing on something. To spare your shoes and other valuables from this time of treatment, consider getting your pet a Tough Dog Bone Chew Toy. Made of durable material that is non-toxic, FDA compliant and BPA-and-Phthalate-free, this dishwasher safe dog chew toy is 100% recyclable to boot! For the pooch that loves swimming, an added bonus is that this bone floats!

8.Let’s have some fun

Most dogs love nothing more than playing a game of fetch. The Smile Squeaker Ball not only bounces and floats but makes a squeaking noise too. It is guaranteed to keep your doggy friend occupied for hours on end. This is a bargain as each purchase includes three of these balls, each only three inches in diameter, allowing for carrying comfort and ease.

9.Security and communication

I am sure we all wonder what our pets get up to while home alone at some time. The easy to install Petcube with its equally easy to install (and free) app allows you to do just that. It has a ten-day recording history that doubles as a security device, while the built-in laser toy is controlled from your phone. Alternatively, you could set this function to auto play and ensure your pooch gets enough exercise during the day to ensure he does not get into any trouble. Added to all this is a two-way talk option, allowing you to have a conversation with your pet while on a break at work. The cube even has a function whereby you can share access with family and friends.


We all feel like a little snack every now and then. Just a little something or other to take us to the next meal, or just because we feel like nibbling. Your pet is no different. Consider keeping a jar of Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats around. Made of real beef with a savory taste, the treats come in a 25 oz. canister. Add in the 12 vitamins and minerals added to the treats, they are sure to help keep your pet in tip-top condition!

In closing

The holiday period is a time during which many pets are neglected due to all the hustle and bustle that is associated with this time. Do not let your best friend feel left out. Make this period a special time for him as well!

Before you go buy your presents, take a look at this funny video: