top 7 american made dog treats

We don’t know about you, but we treat our dog as if he is a member of the family; well to be totally honest he is like another child. We all want to do what is best for our best friends, right?

When it comes to dog treats, it is important to us to feed him the best diet possible. After all, we would not feed our children food filled with junk. Why would we want to feed our dog treats full of junk instead of nutrients?

Healthy treats can be fattening if you feed too many; so moderation on the treats, please!

Healthy treats help keep your pup healthy for many years.

In fact, our basset hound is now 13.5 years old (the basset hound life span is normally 12) and is in top health according to our vet when he was given his vaccines this year.

The top 7 American made treats for dogs

We based the top 7 on the ingredients and nutrition of each brand of treat and also that they be produced in the USA.  You have to understand that feeding your pet a balanced and nutritious food or treat is going to cost you more just as it does when you feed you family better food.

The Countdown:

  1. Blue Buffalo not only has healthy food for your dog but also a line of treats which you can compare Blue Buffalo treats to the ones you are currently feeding your pet. It will show you the main ingredients of each one.  Compare Milk bones, Pup-peroni, or Beggin’ strips with the Blue Buffalo treats and you can see the difference. You will notice that the Blue treats all have meat, vegetables, and fruit. You will also see that the treat does not contain things like; by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy and NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Blue is made in the USA and made with the highest quality natural ingredients. The food is made in the same way and comes in several flavors that include; chicken, beef, lamb and salmon to name a few. The Blue mission is to provide a nutritious high-quality meal to meet the health needs of your dog.
  2. Barkworthies  produce their treats in the USA and provides simple nutritious treats to give your dog. Some of the treats only contain one ingredient; it doesn’t get any simpler than that. They never add stabilizers, chemicals, or additives. The treats Barkworthies make are completely digestible. Their standard is high and throughout the production process, the treats are inspected for safety, quality, and consistency. All Barkworthies foods and treats are regulated and inspected by both the FDA and USDA. What kind of products will you find? Sticks, chews, bones and more.
  3. Rachel Rays Nutrish Treats produced with all natural ingredients like the beefy tips the ingredients are; beef, peas, carrots, brown sugar, glycerin, salt, natural smoke flavor and mixed tocopherols (tocopherols are plant-based not manmade chemicals). The Soup Bones, however, have more ingredients and some may be questionable. You will need to read the ingredients and decide if that is what you wish to feed your dog.  We should all be reading labels anyway regardless of whether it is for us humans or for our pets. Overall we do recommend Nutrish as a good and balanced treat for your fellow.

Hey! These are only three you dog traitor…

dog bones

Wait! Here are the other four!

  1. The Honest Kitchen produced with real ingredients. The ingredients of the Chicken & Cranberry Cookies are; barley fl­our, chicken, molasses, water, eggs, coconut oil, cranberries and parmesan cheese. These are very simple and limited ingredients which mean you can be certain that your dog is getting the best ingredients that will be easy to digest.
  2. Bravo Freeze Dried Salmon treats for dogs come from USA Atlantic salmon. This treat is high in natural protein and low in fat. It contains the omega fatty acids not only our bodies need but our pet’s bodies need as well. The Freeze Dried Chicken Breast treats for dogs is made from one ingredient; chicken breast.
  3. Merrick offers both treats and dog food; all made with all natural ingredients that are nutritious and contains no fillers, chemicals, or things that would harm your pet. Backcountry Wild Fields Real Chicken Jerky ingredients are; boneless chicken, dried cultured skim milk, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), rosemary extract. Like Blue Freedom, Merrick does NOT use any ingredients from China.
  4. Polkadogbakery this is a great source of good nutritional treats for your best friend, you will find dehydrated, jerky, soft, chewy and classic biscuit treats here. All ingredients are sourced to nutrition and health for your dog.  Ingredients include fish, vegetables, fruit, peanut butter and other wholesome ingredients.

Your boys and girls are gonna love them! Wonna bet on that?

Why diet is important when it comes to our dogs

The reason a nutritious diet filled with real meat, vegetables and fruits are the same for our pets as it is for us; is to keep them healthy.

We wanted to be sure our other child is getting a nutritious diet that meets his needs as well as tastes good to him. Since he began to suffer from digestive issues we switched him to Blue and he has been fine ever since. Each checkup the vet tells us he is extremely healthy especially for his age.

Like people our pets that eat a balanced meal and get exercise have fewer health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart conditions or joint conditions.  That’s just to name a few. According to Blue Buffalo in an article on their site concerning pets being obese, just 2 to 4 pounds overweight for some dogs can be a real problem.

foods avoid feeding dog puppy

Omega Fatty Acids

Also, it turns out the same good Omega fatty acids that give us people healthy benefits do the same for our pups; including heart health, anti-inflammatory properties for things like joints and boosts our/their immune system. This is important if you have a breed of dogs such as German Shepherds or Basset Hounds that are prone to hip dysplasia.

We not only highly recommend Blue Freedom but also Rachel Ray Nutrish which was not available when we first started our on Blue Freedom. Due to his sensitive stomach issues, we will not change his food or treats now as he is doing so well on the Blue at 13.5 years old.  However, the next dog we have is going to have something a little less expensive on the wallet that contains just as healthy ingredients as the Blue does. Tough times no?

Water is Life

Also remember that our pups need fresh water every day just as much as we do. We suggest putting down fresh water morning and afternoon before dinner to ensure your dog has fresh water anytime he or she wants it.

Unless your dog has an issue absorbing vitamins the right diet and plenty of fresh water along with exercise will keep them healthy without having to give them vitamins.

In Conclusion

If you are like us you want to feed your four-legged family members that best diet you can.  It really takes doing your due diligence, speak to your vet, and read the ingredients before just picking a dog food or treat based on what an advertisement says.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients or find out exactly what the ingredient is by doing an online search then you probably don’t want to feed your best friend that food or treat.

Go easy on the treats, they are not meant to be meal replacements. One to two treats a day is all you should give your pet.

Make sure that your dog gets his exercise as well which can benefit you too. Spend time playing with your best friend, going walking, hiking or jogging with them and you both will stay fit and trim.

Remember exercise and good diet help keep your best friend healthy and happy.  It also cuts down on expensive vet bills later on for medications for diabetes or stomach ailments or arthritis.

Before you go, take a look at this funny dog treat video: