top non-shedding dog breeds

Do you think you cannot have a dog because you or someone in your home has allergies to dogs?

You may still be able to have a dog if you choose the right kind.

Some dog breeds that are “hypoallergenic” can be great for people who have allergies.

That is because they are short haired dogs that shed less.

Reasons a dog sheds

There are several reasons dogs shed.

Normally a dog will shed seasonally, spring and fall. In the spring they will shed thicker hair to help stay cool in summer. In fall they will shed the lighter hair growing a full hair to help keep them warm in winter.

Did you know, however, that if a dog stays inside and does not get enough sunlight it can cause them to shed more?

Shedding can also be due to hormonal imbalances.

Top non-shedding dogs by size

Looking for non-shedding dogs? Here is a list by size of the best “hypoallergenic” non-shedding dogs.

Top small breeds

  1. French Bulldog a small energetic breed that requires a lot of human attention. They suffer from separation anxiety but have a pleasant temperament. They also are active when it comes to playing. One thing to pay attention to is overheating during warm temperatures even when kept inside they need air conditioning on warm days. This breed requires minimal exercise and grooming.
  2. Beagles are good hunters. You need to start obedience training at an early age as they follow the scents they pick up and forget everything else. These dogs are lively and play well with others. They are also loyal. This breed needs regular activity and playtime to maintain weight. You also need to pay attention to the ears for signs of infection.
  3. Maltese is a wonderful choice as these dogs are gentle, trusting, and obedient. They are also intelligent and playful. The downside is they are not always the best choice for ill-behaved children. The Maltese require you to wash the area around and under the eye regularly. They should also have a brushing session regularly as well.
  4. Puggle while not AKC these dogs are great with children. They are lively, affection, and athletic, as well as loyal. Another easy care dog, brush once a week and bathe once a month.
  5. Lakeland Terrier is another breed that does well with children, other dogs, and even cats. They are lively and loyal. Regular brushing is essential, about once a week. Bathing is required monthly and you can also have a groomer clip the hair a few times a year to help with grooming.


Top Medium Breeds

  1. Golden Retriever breed is great with children, patient and loving. They are intelligent, active, and loyal. You will need to brush regularly and bathe about once a month.
  2. Basset Hounds while this breed can be extremely stubborn, they are intelligent. Obedience classes need to start early. They are easy going and loving. However, they do suffer from separation anxiety. Also, they require a little extra care when it comes to their ears which need weekly cleaning. This breed is also like the Shepherds prone to hip dysplasia.
  3. Boxers are wonderful with children; they are also a great guard dog. This breed is extremely loyal, have a high energy level, and need a lot of human interaction as they do not like to be alone. An easy care dog, brush weekly and bathe once a month.
  4. Airedale Terriers are alert, love to play outdoors, and do best with active owners. These are intelligent dogs but like all terriers have a short attention span. You will need to pluck the dead hair out by hand several times a year. Also, pay attention to the hair between the pads and in the ears.
  5. Collies are intelligent, good with children, and gentle. This breed is loyal and one of the easiest to train. These dogs need regular exercise as well as regular brushing. Once a week these dogs will require you to brush them. Bathing can be done once a month or less depending on how the dog smells.


Top Large Breeds

  1. German Shepherd this breed is extremely loyal and protective of its human pack. It is a working dog and does best when it has a job which is why it is recognized for being a police or military dog. Shepherds require little extra in way of grooming other than regular brushing and a bath from time to time.
  2. Anatolian Shepherd is another large breed that is fiercely loyal and devoted to their human pack. They are intelligent, calm, and loving.
  3. Weimaraner is an intelligent and loving breed with a unique personality. They are reliable but however not good with children of young ages. They do require a lot of exercise about 2 hours a day, preferably in a fenced-in area where they can run and chase a ball or toy. This dog requires that you brush their coat and clean their ears weekly.
  4. Dogue De Bordeaux is a very loyal and fearless. It can be an aggressive dog and is not for first-time dog owners or those with young children. You must socialize this breed early in order to problems with aggression. Take into consideration that this breed is viewed as having a split personality; calm and gentle yet at times protective and bossy.
  5. Giant Schnauzer is a dog that has intelligence and is a versatile working dog that with plenty of exercise can be a calm dog. It is also very loyal and easy to train. These dogs require weekly brushing in order to prevent matting of the undercoat.  You should also have a groomer clip the hair to the same length 4 times a year and you must consistently take care of their ears similar to basset hounds.


Things to look for in dogs that shed less

When you are looking for a dog, even those that shed less than others there are some things you need to consider before getting any dog.

  1. How much activity does the dog need?
  2. What is their temperament around people including children and other animals?
  3. Do you have time for the grooming requirements?
  4. Can you afford the health issues that are prevalent in that particular breed?
  5. Also, you need to look at what type of home or apartment you have.
  6. When it comes to a diet you need to make sure you can afford to feed the dog a nutritious healthy food.
  7. You also need to make sure you can afford regular vet visits and vaccines. The vaccines are important to help keep your pet healthy and stop the spread of various canine diseases.
  8. Lastly, if you are not going to breed the dog you really need to think of spaying or neutering the dog to help prevent health issues with the dog.


If you think you cannot have a dog because of allergies, think again. There are more than the top 15 we have listed that shed less than other breeds of dogs.

It may be best if you know someone with one of the short haired breeds that shed less to visit then and see if your allergies kick up before you go get a dog.

Many of these breeds are fairly easy to care for as well when it comes to grooming, exercise, and feeding.

All you have to do is pick your favorite! All of them are adorable!

Before you go brush your fluffy puppy ball, take a minute to see this relative video: